Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Ten Fighting Fantasy Walkthroughs - Vote Now!

Well met, adventurers!

It's been a long time since my last Fighting Fantasy post. I've been kept very busy, and productive. Sales of my collection of dark fantasy and horror short stories "Return to 'Return to Oz'" has been going along quite a charm (you can pick up a copy if you've not already got one), but it does mean that I've been a little distracted from this blog. However, as you can see over on the right-hand side of the page, the full series proper has long since been accounted for. Aside from retreading the same path with them again (which I'm sure wouldn't be too interesting for you all), I've been thinking of possible alternative ideas on what I can do with them.

So, I have settled on a new segment which we'll tentatively call "Slaying the Dragon". I was going to call it "Turn to 400", but that one's taken ;)

The theme is simple - I play through the adventure until I've finished it, and then post a walkthrough, in my usual style. Here's the catch though - I'm not going to do all of the books. That would be far too time-consuming for me. I want to be able to give the best quality for my readers (because you deserve it), and I can't do that by giving only half an effort.

So, I'm going to limit my dragon-slaying to the top ten Fighting Fantasy gamebooks... chosen by YOU!

That's right, you get to decide which ones get a walkthrough. Maybe you have a Fighting Fantasy adventure that you've just never been able to complete and want to see me struggle through it? Have a particularly fiendishly difficult one that you want to torture me (who has only ever won ONE book in this blog!) with? This is your chance.

So, here's the options.

You can vote for as many of the choices as you like. But, naturally, only vote for the ones that you actually want to see.

The poll closes on 1st APRIL 2015.

At that time, I will announce which ten books have the most votes, and they will get a walkthrough written all about them.

Until then, happy journeys, folks!

Which Fighting Fantasy gamebook gets a walkthrough?


  1. hi there, nice to see some activity here, more than on other FF blogs for sure. Creature of Havoc gets my vote even though you previously covered it here:

  2. I voted for ones I gave up on because the writer demands you take a precise path. What is it about that one story line the writer thought was so important? I hope to find out.

    Freeway Fighter, Seas of Blood, Masks of Mayhem, Black Vein Prophecy, Siege of Sardath, Clash of the Princes (both books).

  3. I voted for the ones that don't have one defined path and also success is possible (as opposed to impossible) - this way, I have a nice surprise on where you went. I voted for:

    Daggers of Darkness, Fangs of Fury, Legend of the Shadow Warriors, Moonrunner, Stormslayer, Night of the Necromancer, Spectral Stalkers.

  4. Sadists vote for the following (these will not be enjoyable for anyone concerned, especially since Justin does not have much time)

    Crypt of the Sorcerer, Magehunter, Legend of Zagor, Revenge of the Vampire, Spellbreaker, Curse of the Mummy, Creature of Havoc, Chasms of Malice, Armies of Death.

  5. On second thoughts, at least Creature of Havoc has no randomly determined death (except for right at the beginning which isn't too frustrating) and actually you will almost never die in combat with the roll a double = win rule. It's just a total pain to find the very exact path.

  6. Creature of Havoc - hot DAMN is that a difficult one to play through.

  7. you can say that again david, its my personal favourite and the champ so far in this poll

    loved your blog on steve jackson

  8. creature of havoc is still at the head of the pack, wonder if Justin is watching all of this with intrest....

  9. Voted for most of the runaway leaders here, except for my personal favourite Portal of Evil, partly because I'd quite like to know how to do it myself. :P

    On second thoughts, not quite sure why I've voted for Creature of Havoc and House of Hell as I found walkthroughs for those looooooooooong ago here: (P.S don't read them if you wish to work it out yourself)

    Looking forward to this, it'll be nice to have a run of successful FF adventures blogged up!

  10. my two favourites, creature of havoc and crown of kings are now neck and neck with 34 votes each...who will win this grand national of FF ?