Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The votes are in!

So chaps, the votes are in for our walkthroughs.

As I'm sure you'll remember, for the month of March we've been having a poll running on the blog. You've been voting for the five Fighting Fantasy books that you want me to play again - not just play again, in fact, but play until they're completed. And then post how to complete them. Essentially a walkthrough, but with far more of that weird freaky crap you've come to expect from me.

And voting has now closed!

So, let's tally up the scores and see what our five adventures will be. First, I'd like to thank everyone who's taken the time to cast their votes - we've had a massive, massive number of votes, far more than I'd ever imagined. The top few winners were clear early on, and it's going to be as follows...

In fifth place, with 30 votes... Sorcery! Khrae - Cityport of Traps
In joint fourth and third places, with 35 votes each... Sorcery! The Seven Serpents and House of Hell
In second place, with 40 votes... Creature of Havoc
In first place, with 45 votes... Sorcery! The Crown of Kings

So, our winners are Creature of Havoc, House of Hell, and three of the Sorcery! series.

And because I'm feeling really generous, I'm going to throw in The Shamutanti Hills as well!

Yeah, that's right. I'll be covering the entire Sorcery! series in my playthroughs, taking you through the whole saga from start to finish. I'd better get practicing!

So, that's our announcement for today... but that's not all. Y'see, I've been planning a little something extra for this blog. A little something that I just know you guys are desperate to see, something you've been wanting for a long, long time. Something you'll really, really enjoy. But... you'll have to wait for that announcement.

Check back here next Friday to find out what this new, big announcement is going to be. And trust me - you'll love this one.

Until then, keep on trecking!


  1. My guess for the big announcement is the Lone Wolf series.

  2. Sorcery! The Crown of Kings ... one of the top five???

    Try not to fart yourself to death this time!!! ^^

  3. Wasn't it supposed to be Top 10 instead of Top 5? At least, that was what your previous post (with the poll) stated.

    1. It was, yeah. But with my new planned feature, I just don't stand a chance of getting through ten of them, so I've had to cut it back to realistic levels a bit.