Friday, 27 November 2015


Hello and happy day-after-thanksgiving, all you Fighting Fantasists out there!

I've got some very special announcements and updates for everyone that I want to share. So, without further ado, here they are!

1- The Lone Wolf Series Playthroughs
As you've no doubt noticed, I've had to take a short break from running these playthroughs, namely so that I can focus on other work (see announcement 2). I still intend to complete the Kai Lord series, and you can expect them to pick up very, very soon...

2- My New Book
This is the reason why the Lone Wolf gamebooks has been on hold for a while. I've been working flat-out on my new novel, a fantasy comedy titled "SCROLLS OF ETHERIA", published by Ionic Books.

Everyone has been talking about SCROLLS OF ETHERIA, the hottest and biggest fantasy MMORPG ever. Roka the elf is a new player, stumbling head-first into this bizarre new video gaming experience. In a shared digital world this big, players have to work together to succeed, and it isn't long before the curious elf finds an eager group of adventurers. Unfortunately for him, Roka never bargained for joining a guild full of quite so many crazy and unusual characters, both inside the game and in the real-world as well! In a world where you can be anything, from a towering rock golem to a shrewd fire-wielding rabbit, Roka discovers wonders that he never imagined, and dangers just as deadly as anything the real world could throw at him!
Now, here's the important part. This book is dedicated to the memory of Terry Pratchett, who passed away sadly in 2015. Dedicated to his work, every penny of author royalties raised from sales of this book within its first six months will be donated to Alzheimer's Research UK (
I have been working almost flat-out on this book, and it has become my largest novel-writing project to date. I am now, as of writing this post, finishing the final chapter. Once this is done, the final draft will be complete.
Please, please do tell your friends and family about this book, and follow us on facebook at

3- A special announcement from 6Quest
If you've been keeping an eye on Kickstarter lately (and to be fair, with the #BringbackMST3K, who hasn't?), then you may have noticed the very exciting Interactive fiction campaign 6Quest by the talented Paul Murányi currently running!
6Quest is a choose-your-own-adventure type fantasy game with stories where you are the main character. They take place in Felorian, a land full of adventure, intrigue and mystery. Short or long, easy or hard, charming or horrific - all stories have their place in this fantasy world.
Paul invited me to try out the free demo for their project ( and it plays genuinely fantastically. I would strongly recommend giving it a shot. But, even more importantly, if you check out their Kickstarter project NOW, you have the chance to grab some fantastic rewards, right up to creating your own quest as well!
Check out their Kickstarter project now at

That's all the messages for now! Stay tuned for new Lone Wolf gamebooks real soon, everyone!


  1. always nice to see a new entry here, looking forward to further lone wolf ( and FF ? ) reviews....