Sunday, 29 October 2017

About the Author

Born in Glasgow, Justin MacCormack lives on the South coast of England in the city of Portsmouth with a collection of pet rats.

Always someone with a keen interest in the dark side of narrative fiction, he has read and written an extensive collection of dark fantasy and horror fiction, and has earned a bachelor of arts in film and media.

His first book, a collection of some of his earliest dark fantasy and horror tales, reached the amazon bestseller charts, and has contributed to two anthology works. He has given performances at the ‘Day of the Dead’ Halloween celebration and the ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’ event in Portsmouth.

His hobbies include alternative cinema, comic books, screaming at clouds, and table-top roleplay games (of which he plays and runs regularly). He loves 'Vampire: The Masquerade', because he is a pretentious bastard. He is the manager of the Portsmouth Roleplayer's Guild, the city's longest-running community of fans of RPGs. He can and will also run for you a mean game of Call of Cthulhu.

His literary influences include Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker. He grew up reading the Fighting Fantasy choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks and now runs the popular blog site Fighting For Your Fantasy

 He is the author of two bestselling novels, a collection of horror stories -"Hush!: A Horror Anthology", and the young adult coming-of-age comedy "Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie".
Justin enjoys mixing genres and defying established genre conventions, explaining that the most important thing is to make the audience feel.

 His newest series of books, "Tales of Monsterotica" - a series of homoerotic horror comedies, is available now by Deep Desires Press. The first book, "The Castle of Count Shagula", and the second, "The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein" are available exclusively on ebook.

 You can also keep up to date with all of his writing if you follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He can be contacted at

 You can also listen to a dramatic reading of Justin's award-winning short horror story "Return to 'Return to Oz'" here.

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